The Victoria Napolitano Experience


Victoria Napolitano, world renowned dress designer, now has offices in Beverly Hills and Monaco. Known for the most unique approach to customer integration in the process of creating one-of-a-kind dresses for special events. Her team, unlike any designer anywhere in the world, will create an event around you and your dress. Truly a one of a kind luxury.

If you appreciate the finer things in life and are ready for a once in a lifetime encounter, treat yourself to the Victoria Napolitano Experience

Victoria’s market includes Princesses, Royalty, Celebrities as well as anyone with discerning taste and a desire to partake in an incomparable creative experience. After getting to know her clients, the beautifully complex, Ms. Napolitano sits with them and sketches ideas that spring from her incredibly creative mind. This allows the client to partake in the creation of the dress and feel a sense of ownership with the outcome. Her clients know they have a spectacular original creation and wear it with confidence and pride. 

From captivatingly unique wedding dresses to creations customized for special people and special events—the result is always show-stopping. Ms. Napolitano often says, “I do not create dresses I love. I create dresses my clients love.”

Because of demand all appointments must be booked well in advance. This is not mass production. It is one–on-one creativity and an experience that will not be rushed. It is suggested that you plan at least 6 months advance notice to apply to get on the list. Last minute designs can’t be accommodated because the process takes time and Ms. Napolitano takes pride in each and every design and will not jeopardize her universally admired and respected work. No less than 2 months is required. 4 months if it is out of the country.

You haven’t lived until you have had the Victoria Napolitano Experience.

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Host of International Luxury & Lifestyle, 

Victoria Napolitano


Victoria Napolitano is a modern-day renaissance woman. A successful entrepreneur, business woman and accomplished innovator, she has carved out one of the most successful collection of branded products and services to serve the discerning buyer. In November 2017 Victoria Napolitano celebrated 10 years of luxury magazine publishing. Her vision of sophistication, luxury and romance sets her apart on her journey to own and operate a luxury platform rivaled by none.   

In January 2018 Victoria relocated from San Francisco to Beverly Hills to bring her vision to life. With unique insight and passion, she confidently states, “My affluent clients will have a one-of-a-kind experience. That’s always been our goal and it will always motivate us to offer unmatched attention to our valued clients.” 

Private shoppers are assigned to loyal clients as well as new clients who desire the “Victoria Napolitano Experience.” My goal has always been, and will always be, to pamper from start to finish. One-on-one demonstrations on how to use and wear our products are available. 


My story in a nutshell...

From Guns to Roses

From Hostage Negotiator & Detective to An International Designer and Luxury Magazine Publisher

The bandages on her eyes darkened her world and her dreams. Victoria Napolitano might have been the first black woman to work as a robbery detective at the San Jose Police Department, but now she wondered how she would even survive. The city that employed her was fighting to deny responsibility for her medical costs related to an eye injury she sustained while on duty. She had used all of her sick time and personal savings to make ends meet. Her husband had left her when he learned she might never regain her eyesight. She soon discovered he had not paid the bills before leaving, so her electricity was about to be turned off. She wondered how she would care for her four-year-old son, Tyler. It couldn’t get any worse.   The story of how Victoria—through hard work, determination, and an unmatched drive to succeed—came back from these dire circumstances is truly moving. Somehow, through all the adversity, she found something positive: her talent for poetry. She built upon this talent as she slowly recovered much of her eyesight. This story is about Victoria’s extraordinary courage. She went from the depths of despair to starting a business and publishing this magazine. What you will learn about her life is the result   of in-depth interviews with Victoria and of those close to her. Her strong sense of modesty and privacy led to more than a few difficult discussions about what I could include in these articles. She reluctantly agreed that if her story is to be told, it must be told in full. I think you will find her narrative as compelling and inspirational as any you have ever heard.   Victoria has taken a bold risk, and it is paying off. She is a unique individual and one of the most driven people I know. Most people have heard of entrepreneurs being called “go-getters.” I have taken to calling her a “go-giver” because of her kindness and her vision of how businesses working together can achieve great things. Expect to see her doing great things in the months and years to come.    

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