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Overcoming injury, job loss to start a successful business. Victoria Napolitano on launching her business after overcoming blindness and job loss.


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 Victoria Napolitano is a modern-day renaissance woman. A successful entrepreneur, business woman and accomplished innovator, she has carved out one of the most successful collection of branded products and services to serve the discerning buyer. In November 2017 Victoria Napolitano celebrated 10 years of luxury magazine publishing. Her vision of sophistication, luxury and romance sets her apart on her journey to own and operate a luxury platform rivaled by none.    


   David has appeared in various films such as the theatrical released Capps Crossing as well as over 40 network television shows, commercials and Web shows. As an experienced traveler visiting over 30 different countries he love to produce and host travel videos and reviews. A native of Northern California David now lives in Los Angeles to pursue his acting and entertainment career.

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"It's Not Over"

Sung by: Tyra Juliette

Music lyrics by 

Victoria Napolitano

"Forever Mine"

Sung by:  DIMOS 

Music lyrics by 

Victoria Napolitano

"From Broken to Bombshell"

Sung by:  Alex Marie Brinkley

Music lyrics by 

Victoria Napolitano

Music Written by Victoria Napolitano Sung by Various Artists

It's About The Drama - Audio Book Soap OperaS

About Lexine Cabineau

Written by Victoria Napolitano

Graduating at the top of her business class, Lexine was one of the first offered a job.  

A scout from Devlin and Associates had even contacted her a few weeks prior to graduation.  She was excited even though she did not know much about the company.  Lexine quickly learned that Devlin and Associates is one of the top companies in the United States and growing rapidly. It was going to be the perfect job.  Perfect, that is, until her visit to San Francisco.

About Jayne Trevelyan

Written by Victoria Napolitano

Ultra private and single, Jayne spends her free time leisurely exploring downtown Sausalito and San Francisco.  Described as sharp, smart and incredibly sexy, Jayne is a sought after interior designer from Marin County.  Her clients include A-list celebrities who live in Tiburon and the surrounding area; George Lucas, Sean Penn, and Charlize Theron, to name a few.  Jayne's passion is taking her designs and creating a masterpiece that surpasses her client's expectations.  Jayne's private life unexpectedly takes a turn in a direction she was not expecting when Jakub Devlin enters into her life.

About Jakub Devlin

Written by Victoria Napolitano

Recently out of a breakup with his girlfriend of two years, Jakub immersed himself in his company.   As a partner in a financial planning firm, Jakub has more than his share of late night meetings.  Overseeing a team of 25 people, Jakub has done well from himself.  Unlike many of the break-ups he hears about through friends, Jacob's breakup with Natalie was uneventful.  They both knew it was not going to work out.   She needed a social life and keeping up with the Jones’s, while Jakub need peace and calm after a hard day at work.  Then one rainy day in San Francisco, Jakub's calmness would be shattered in a matter of moments.  

Lexine Cabineau Audio Book Written By Victoria Napolitano

VNSN.TV Contributors

Dave Storton - Adventures

 This is your chance to learn off road driving from the professionals who train search & rescue personnel, firefighters, law enforcement, and the military. We are the people who train the personnel at the off road parks in California, including Hollister Hills SVRA.  

Steven W . George - Heath & Wellness

Ultimately, my personal experience is what motivates me to show others that there is a way to create change around dysfunctional aspects of their life. The ability to assist people to return to who they truly are, and find their authentic self, is greatly rewarding and most exciting. It is my passion and an important part of my life's purpose.

Ernie Kong - Real Estate

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist or SRES, I have demonstrated the necessary knowledge and expertise to counsel clients age 50+ through major financial and lifestyle transitions. These transitions may include aging in place, relocating to a smaller residence, multigenerational living, upsizing with other family members, or selling the family home. 

Jim Colvin - Fitness Expert

  Jim is a sports/activity and nutrition enthusiast, health educator specializing in Diabetes prevention, and a fitness program developer that are creative, engaging, and fun. Emphasis is placed on individuals and families who need help getting started and encouraging them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have coached youth sports in soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball to a high school level. Specialties are injury rehab, cardio conditioning, agility, and sport specific skill development. Jim is still actively involved in playing baseball and works with MLB Alumni in charity events for youth sports and has played semi-pro football in the past. 

Toni Saldivar - Events

Mark Gebhardt - Photography

 Bay Area professional photographer Mark Gebhardt specializes in digital portraiture and commercial photography. His images have been published and shown in a variety of galleries in the Bay Area. When Mark’s clients are in front of the camera, he makes them feel at ease and comfortable enough to have fun. 

Hollywood Celebrity Testimonials

- Masiela Lusha (Actress/Producer)

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 Victoria is a beam of light. 

I learned through initial introductions with her team that her warmth precedes her. All who spoke of Victoria, emphasized her talent and kindness. When we finally met, I instantly felt embraced into her vision and love.  Victoria is truly one of my favorite entrepreneurs. During our photo session, she was very clear about her vision, and yet open to exploring various ideas. Victoria leads by example and love, and I will cherish our day together. Thank you for being a creative and loving force, Victoria. 

Beverly Hills - Hollywood News


- Judi 'Blair' Johnson (Producer/Actress)

I love working with Victoria Napolitano in Beverly Hills!

She is an amazing business woman who have an amazing personality.
Victoria inspires me with her diligence and hard work in the fashion industry.
Her vision for couture and styling has left me speechless as she truly provides a sophisticated and luxury experience like none other.

I am excited to see her growth as she makes advancement with her edgy approach and style to the world of luxury fashion.

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