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The Victoria Napolitano Experience


Victoria Napolitano, world renowned dress designer, now has offices in Beverly Hills and Monaco. Known for the most unique approach to customer integration in the process of creating one-of-a-kind dresses for special events. Her team, unlike any designer anywhere in the world, will create an event around you and your dress. Truly a one of a kind luxury.

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Commission Victoria

Victoria can create a one-of-a-kind design exclusively for you. contact Victoria's Beverly Hills Concierge Team, for a complimentary consultation.  

Testimonials & Reviews

Mademoiselle French Collection

HAUTE COUTURE by design Victoria NApolitano

Victoria Napolitano' haute couture Mademoiselle French Collection is a trademarked brand.


Victoria’s designs have been seen on celebrities around the world. When Victoria is commissioned to design couture from wedding dresses to evening gowns—she sits with the client and sketches the design with the client. It is important that her clients love every detail. 

Victoria Napolitano Skincare

Brand: Victoria Napolitano Skin Care


Committed to supporting health inside and out, Victoria has an entire line of skin care for her clients. It is never too early to start developing a healthy routine for your skin.

Victoria Napolitano Cosmetics

Brand: Victoria Napolitano Cosmetics

Certified in makeup artistry, Victoria has learned and deveined techniques to help her clients

Victoria Napolitano Beverly Hills Lifestyle Collection

Victoria Napolitano's Legendary Weddings

Luxury Wedding & Events Vendor/Supplier


The Victoria Napolitano Group is a full service wedding and event supplier. We are a one-stop-shop for any luxury wedding and/or  event.


Make Overs by Victoria Napolitano & Her Team

Victoria Napolitano Styling & Beauty

Glamorous, stylish and sexy are just some of the responses people hear with our services. From hair, makeup and pedicures—we come to you to deliver spa services. 


Victoria Napolitano Photography & Film


With an expertise in film and art, let Victoria or one of her experienced visualists capture the real you or an image you’ve always dreamed about. 

Expert photographers and experienced re-touchers guarantee a flawless finished product.

Romance Packages


Victoria is a romantic at heart. So, it was natural for her to begin with her signature calligraphy and custom poems. The response from her clients was exceptional. They have continued, through the years, to encourage her to continue personalized romance gifts and services. Nowhere else can clients get a customized romance package, uniquely designed by an award-winning leader in the industry. 

Victoria Napolitano's Styling & Personal Shoppers

Brand: Victoria Napolitano Mademoiselle French Collection


Victoria or one of her expert stylists will meet you at your destination of choice to professionally style you for special occasions and events, including weddings. 

Hollywood Celebrity Testimonials

- Masiela Lusha (Actress/Producer)

 Victoria is a beam of light. 

I learned through initial introductions with her team that her warmth precedes her. All who spoke of Victoria, emphasized her talent and kindness. When we finally met, I instantly felt embraced into her vision and love.  Victoria is truly one of my favorite entrepreneurs. During our photo session, she was very clear about her vision, and yet open to exploring various ideas. Victoria leads by example and love, and I will cherish our day together. Thank you for being a creative and loving force, Victoria. 


- Judi 'Blair' Johnson (Producer/Actress)

I love working with Victoria Napolitano in Beverly Hills!

She is an amazing business woman who have an amazing personality.
Victoria inspires me with her diligence and hard work in the fashion industry.
Her vision for couture and styling has left me speechless as she truly provides a sophisticated and luxury experience like none other.

I am excited to see her growth as she makes advancement with her edgy approach and style to the world of luxury fashion.

Location: Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills


"Through Her Eyes"

The Victoria Napolitano Story

This gritty, tell all book will leave you speechless.

Release date: June 1, 2018

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Overcoming injury, job loss to start a successful business. Victoria Napolitano on launching her business after overcoming blindness and job loss.


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