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About The Book

'Through Her Eyes' The Victoria Napolitno Story

  Once in a lifetime a book comes along that is so gripping and emotionally energizing, you won’t be able to put it down. Through Her Eyes The Victoria Napolitano Story is just such a book. 

Take an emotional roller coaster ride and relive the excitement, drama and inspiration this book contains from the first page to the last. Get a front row seat for the chronicle of a woman who redefines the meaning of survival and ultimate victory. 

You’ll laugh with her as she uses humor to diffuse dangerous situations. You’ll cry with her as she overcomes personal tragedy. And you will walk away with your head held high as she does—time after time.  Victoria Napolitano has survived to tell her story and give others hope of the ultimate revenge, Success! 

You will know, like you never have before, that you can overcome any challenge life may throw at you. Ride along with Victoria. It’s guaranteed to be the ride of a lifetime.

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