Testimonials & Reviews

Marek Lichtenberg

  Victoria Napolitano is a professional woman of many talents! She is extremely ambitious and her determination in achieving the best results is indescribable!  She has turned her passion for lifestyle into flourishing businesses.  One of her distinctions is quality not quantity, together with personalised demonstrations. Not only she is a good listener but also has great coaching skills and is perfect in giving advice!  I am very pleased to collaborate with such extremely talented person and her brand. Highly recommended Marek, London, UK 

Mark Gebhardt

 I've been working with Victoria for over 10 years. An amazing business person and a great artist. Just look at her dress designs and you will be amazed. 

Sadie Jackson

I am currently a model working for the Ritz Model Agency. Working with Victoria Napolitano has been an absolute pleasure. Victoria is fun, personable and Extremely professional. She is very meticulous and pays attention to detail which is evident in her photographs and the design of her products. Her designs are unlike anything you have ever seen, very Classy and extremely HIGH FASHION!!! She is a woman with many talents!!! Check out her web page Vnsn.tv 

Jimmy Scorso

I have had the privilege of dealing with VNSN and they have exceeded my expectations every time.  The quality of service, products and clothing is epic. Try their fine desserts and wedding cakes made to order for those who truly desire one of a kind opulence and visual artistry. 

Michelle Gonzalez

 My daughter, Sofia Gonzalez, is an actress and model who works with Victoria Napolitano regularly. She is part of the Ritz Agency. Victoria’s attention to detail and artistic eye brings out the best in Sofia. They have an incredible rapport and Victoria has become a role model for my daughter. All of the products in Victoria’s extensive lines are meticulously scrutinized by Victoria. Her eye and talent for design is unique and beautiful. Victoria has a great sense of humor and creates a positive work environment without compromising a professional space. Her products never disappoint. 

Chandra Caballero

 Victoria has been such an amazing woman to work with.  O have been working with her for about 1 year now and her vision and drive is one of a kind.  There is no one I would rather work with.  She is extremely professional and detailed.  Everything she does shows her passion for what he does and creates.  Truly ONE OF A KIND!!! 

Rob R Morris


Victoria is one of the hardest working women I have ever met. She produces breath taking results. She's a pleasure to work with and an honor to collaborate with. .

Barbara Lonsbury

 Victoria is amazing! With her creative imagination, she has a real talent for style, and beauty.

Margo Myers

  Bfab has loved doing hair and makeup for The Victoria Napolitano Group. Her models are always gorgeous and so fabulous to work with. Our hairstylist and makeup artists always have a ball working with the team.