Episode 2: Thursday, July 27 PODCAST


Episode 2: Thursday, July 27 PODCAST

Anxiety & Depression

Between Us

Episode 1: Thursday, July 27 PODCAST

BETWEEN US - Self-Help Podcasts

About the host:

Author, International speaker, domestic violence survivor—Victoria Napolitano electrifies audiences wherever she goes. Retired Hostage negotiator, ex narcotics detective, undercover officer and survivor of life-altering blindness, spousal abandonment and single parenthood, Ms. Napolitano embodies strength, fearlessness, entrepreneurial spirit and a will to thrive and help others do the same. Victoria’s powerful presentation shows her compassion for her fans and her innate ability to connect with them. At one point, she gained over 130 pounds while struggling with multiple stressors, but found the will and the way to overcome that challenge. She also rebounded from temporary blindness to become a world-wide leader in creative design, modeling and a highly sought-after consultant.


detox_your_relationships with VIctoria Napolitano (pdf)


21-Questions-to-Extraordinary-Goal-Setting_u (pdf)


Steven W. George

About the co-host

Steven is a personal growth mentor, who possesses a deep passion for unlocking the secrets to physical and emotional wellbeing. Through his personal experience and research, Steven has developed a unique methodology that is comprehensive and leads to shifts in thinking and ways of 'being', that yields results in a timely manner. He works with an exclusive group of highly successful people who as a result of his guidance have transformed their lives. Steven derives immense joy from helping his clients to achieve their personal goals and to see the effects go beyond their aspirations or perceived limitations.