Romantic Mysteries written by Victoria Napolitano

Meet The Characters

About Lexine Cabineau

Graduating at the top of her business class, Lexine was one of the first offered a job.  

A scout from Devlin and Associates had even contacted her a few weeks prior to graduation.  She was excited even though she did not know much about the company.  Lexine quickly learned that Devlin and Associates is one of the top companies in the United States and growing rapidly. It was going to be the perfect job.  Perfect, that is, until her visit to San Francisco.

About Jayne Trevelyan

 Ultra private and single, Jayne spends her free time leisurely exploring downtown Sausalito and San Francisco.  Described as sharp, smart and incredibly sexy, Jayne is a sought after interior designer from Marin County.  Her clients include A-list celebrities who live in Tiburon and the surrounding area; George Lucas, Sean Penn, and Charlize Theron, to name a few.  Jayne's passion is taking her designs and creating a masterpiece that surpasses her client's expectations.  Jayne's private life unexpectedly takes a turn in a direction she was not expecting when Jakub Devlin enters into her life 

About Jakub Devlin

 Recently out of a breakup with his girlfriend of two years, Jakub immersed himself in his company.   As a partner in a financial planning firm, Jakub has more than his share of late night meetings.  Overseeing a team of 25 people, Jakub has done well from himself.  Unlike many of the break-ups he hears about through friends, Jacob's breakup with Natalie was uneventful.  They both knew it was not going to work out.   She needed a social life and keeping up with the Jones’s, while Jakub need peace and calm after a hard day at work.  Then one rainy day in San Francisco, Jakub's calmness would be shattered in a matter of moments.   

Driven By Passion