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Evening Glamour by Haute Couture Designer Victoria Napolitano

Wear a bold nail polish   

When you’re typing at your desk or running errands during the day, it’s more practical to wear a subdued shade of nail polish or even a clear polish, but at night you can experiment with more dramatic shades of color. Nail polish that might like out of place or even tacky worn during the day can enhance a more daring night time look. Try painting your nails in bright red or even a metallic shade you normally wouldn’t wear during daylight hours. Gold, silver, and bronze nail color can add subtle impact to your overall look. Keep in mind the color jewelry you’ll be wearing when choosing a metallic shade of nail polish and keep it consistent.     

Wear a provocative perfume

    During the day, you may feel more comfortable in a light, floral scent or no perfume at all, but a bold or sensual scent can help you shift from daytime to evening mode and give you that extra boost of confidence you need at a party. When you have some free time, visit a local cosmetic counter and sample some of the bolder fragrances. Choose a special perfume or cologne to designate as your nighttime or special event fragrance. Each time you spray it on you’ll set the tone for upcoming party and it’ll give you the extra energy you need to really shine.    

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Get out the red lipstick

  Not everyone feels comfortable wearing red lipstick during the day. Bold lips can look out of place in a conservative office setting but if there’s one way to transform your look from day to evening, adding red lipstick would be it. If you choose to pump up the glamour by wearing red on the lips, go a bit more subtle on the eyes and cheeks or you could end up with makeup overkill.      

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Add sparkle to your ears

  You don’t want to weigh your ears down during the day with dramatic earrings but an evening event gives you the chance to add an extra touch of sparkle. Even a simple black, silk pantsuit can look nighttime gorgeous when you add a stunning pair of sparkly dangle earrings. There’s no need to invest in diamonds, a dazzling pair of crystal earrings that move and catch the light will work just as well. For even more impact, wear your hair in a loose up do to add emphasis to your ears.   

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Wear strappy, open toed shoes

  You probably don’t want to traipse around during the day in open toed stiletto shoes and it would look a bit out of place if you did, but for an evening affair sexy, open toed shoes can transform your look by making your legs appear long and slender. Keep a pair of strappy, sexy open toed heels in black or a neutral color ready for evening parties and special events. They’ll make all of your evening fashions look elegant and it’ll take away some of the pressure of having to find the right shoes.     Now that you’re looking and feeling more glamorous, it’s time to enjoy the party and you didn’t even have to buy a new outfit!

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Creativity fuels sex life

According to the researchers, while writers and artists from Byron to Picasso have perpetuated the notion of the amorous artist, the new study may be the first to offer up some real proof. “Creative people are often considered to be very attractive and get lots of attention as a result. They tend to be charismatic and produce art and poetry that grab people’s interest,” said the study author Dr Daniel Nettle, a lecturer in psychology at Newcastle University’s School of Biology.

The study of 425 British citizens included a sampling of visual artists and poets. The participants were asked about how much poetry and visual art they created, their psychiatric history, and their sexual encounters since age 18.
More sexual partners for creatives
In comparison to an average of 3 for non-creative people, the average number of sexual partners for poets and creative artists was between 4 and 10. The investigators reported in the November 29 issue of The Proceedings of the Royal Society that the more creative a person was, the higher the number of sexual adventures.

Nettle speculated that sexual exploration may be encouraged by the artistic personality.
“It could also be that very creative types lead a bohemian lifestyle and tend to act on more sexual impulses and opportunities, often purely for experience’s sake, than the average person would,” he said. “Moreover, it’s common to find that this sexual behaviour is tolerated in creative people. Partners, even long-term ones, are less likely to expect loyalty and fidelity from them.”